The Ease and Difficulty of Three-Wheel Skateboarding

Do you love extreme sports? Well, using a three wheel skate board is about as extreme as they come. There are a lot of difficulties using a skateboard of this stature, but can also be a little easier at the same time. It is a lot like a three wheel ATV compared to a four wheel ATV. You gain a lot more mobility, but at the same time you lose a lot of leverage.

Using a three wheel skate board can be easier for maneuverability. Making sharp turns can be made easy only having three wheels instead of three. You have one wheel in the front of your board instead of the regular two and you have a swivel in the middle of your board, which allows for these sharp turns to be made. Having only three wheels can also help increase your speed because you are not using as much friction compared to the fourth wheel.

There are more dangers when using these three wheel skate boards. You have to be more careful about the turf you are skating on. You want to make sure it is a good surface with as little obstacles as possible. You do not want anything getting in the way of your one wheel in front because you may go for a big ride with a painful end. Since you only have one wheel in the front anything from a small rock to a small hole in the pavement may send your reeling. That is why it is always important to make sure you where the proper protective gear. Just like a three wheel ATV you have more maneuverability, but you do not have as much control over that maneuverability. You need a lot more balance to keep control of your board. Having only one wheel in the front also makes it really difficult to land difficult tricks and can also make simple tricks difficult.

Using a three wheel skate board may be fun and extreme, but it still requires a lot of practice. Skate boarding is a very dangerous sport that can cause some serious bodily injury. If you have never used a skateboard before I would recommend you use the four-wheel skateboards first before moving up to a three-wheeler. With that fourth wheel you can perfect your balance and technique, which you will need both of when using the three wheel skate board. The main adjustment you will probably have to make is for the swivel axel in the middle of your board. A four-wheel board does not have one of these. Unlike a four-wheel board you do not have to leave the ground to make a sharp turn. Just be aware that you have to shift your weight in order to control the balance so you do not end up eating the pavement.

Source by Wendy Pan

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