Revolutionizing the EV Market with TELO Trucks: Compact, Efficient, and Power-packed


TELO Trucks has emerged as a game-changer in the electric vehicle (EV) market, introducing a uniquely efficient and compact EV pickup that is perfectly suited for both urban living and weekend adventures. The TELO Truck, designed from the ground up, combines the latest advancements in electrification and safety technology, setting a new standard for the modern EV pickup.

The Compact Powerhouse:

TELO Trucks, with its innovative approach, has successfully created a compact EV pickup that boasts the capacity of a Toyota Tacoma and the efficiency and range of a Tesla, all in the size of a MINI Cooper. The truck can comfortably accommodate 5 adults with the same interior space as a Toyota Tacoma, but is designed to fit in the footprint of a MINI Cooper SE, making it the perfect urban vehicle.

Doing More with Less:

The TELO truck is designed for versatility, with a standard crew-cab 5-seat, 5-foot bed capacity that can be reconfigured to accommodate 4′ x 8′ plywood sheets or provide additional seating for up to 8 passengers. The storage tunnel under the bed also doubles as a footwell for a third row of seats, making TELO an ideal vehicle for transporting both people and gear.

Packed with Advanced Features:

TELO offers a whopping 350-mile range, with a 106kWh, 20-minute fast charging battery pack that fits in the footprint of a sub-subcompact vehicle. It also boasts advanced safety features like sensors to predict and classify collisions before they happen, as well as improved visibility and agility for effortless navigation both on and off-road.

The Expert Team:

The brains behind TELO Trucks include experienced industry professionals like Jason Marks, a former leader at National Instruments, who led the Autonomous Vehicles and Driver Assistance Systems test programs, and Forrest North, a former Tesla team member and founder of Mission Motors and PlugShare. These veterans bring their extensive experience and expertise to the forefront, shaping TELO’s vision of a compact and powerful EV pickup.

External Reviews:

MotorTrend’s first look at the Telo truck lauds it as a pickup that leverages the potential of EV powertrains to deliver Tacoma-level capacities in a significantly smaller package. Its design accommodates large individuals comfortably, and the truck bed is designed with a foldable midgate that extends its length to 8 feet, with a targeted payload of 1,600 pounds and a maximum towing capacity of 6,600 pounds. Built with a skateboard platform, the Telo truck uses a patent-pending design for its structural high-voltage battery and has a targeted range of 350 miles with a 20-80 percent charging time of 20 minutes.


TELO Trucks is shaping the future of EV pickups with its compact yet powerful vehicle that caters to both city dwellers and adventurers. By marrying the advanced technology of today with innovative design, TELO is creating a new standard in the EV market.

Please note that I was not able to find the latest information about the pricing of the TELO truck. For the most accurate information, please visit the official TELO Trucks website or contact the company directly.


TELO is a tiny electric truck the size of a Mini with a bed as big as a Hummer’s