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How fusion will make all the things electric

Image from Popular Mechanics

News of a major breakthrough in fusion technology has recently swept through the media outlets.




And on and on…

But what does this really mean? Not much yet, but most likely it will open the flood gates to additional funding for future fusion research. Ultimately, it shows a way to all-but unlimited clean electricity. If you are excited about electric vehicles, this is great news.

One of the biggest complaints about electric cars is that they supposedly require the increased consumption of coal and other fossil fuels to power them. This kills that silly argument once and for all.

Already, I’m guessing it will give a boost to electric cars as people now have in the back of their heads what the future will look like. And that future is all electric.

Once fusion is truly established and on the grid the price of electricity will plummet, then it will all be about batteries. However, which cheap abundant electricity even the battery issue becomes somewhat solved. We can literally flood our infrastructure with electricity and store it in any conceivable way as efficiency will be much less important. When you have unlimited amounts of water.. you don’t care if a bunch does down the drain, same with electricity.

2023 is the year of electricity, as new batteries, fusion, and a new wave of electric vehicles flood the markets and media.

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